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Designed by Greg Ruth. 

Screen printed with metallic accents. Numbered in an edition of 80. 

Final Size: 18"x24"

The following comedians are listed around the border: Aaron Jackson • Ahmed Bharoocha • Alex English • Alyssa Stonoha • Andy Haynes • Anthony Devito • Ayo Edebiri • Besty Sodaro • Bill Burr • Bob Odenkirk • Brett Davis • Byron Bowers • Dave Hill • David Gborie • Doug Benson • Eddie Pepitone • Eugene Cordero • Frank Oz • Gil Ozeri • Greg Stone • Hannibal Buress • Horatio Sanz • James Adomian • Joel Kim Booster • Jon Daly • Judd Apatow • Kiry Shabazz • Leonard Maltin • Liza Treyger • Lorelei Ramirez • Maggie Maye • Mary Holland • Matt Besser • Matt Kirshen • Megan Stalter • Mike Feeney • Mitra Jouhari • Monroe Martin • Nick Thune • Patti Harrison • Pete Davidson • Rachel Pegram • Ricky Velez • Roast Battle • Robert Kelly • Rosebud Baker • Sabrina Jalees • Samantha Bee • Sandy Honig • Shane Gillis • Stuart Goldsmith • Thomas Middleditch • Yamaneika Saunders



Greg Ruth is a New York Times Bestselling Author of The Lost Boy and has worked making books and comics since 1993. He is published through The New York Times, DC Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Caliber Comics, Dark Horse, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Hyperion, Simon and Schuster, Random House, Slate, CNN, Penguin, MONDO, and Tor. He has created two music videos for Prince and Rob Thomas, and has worked on nearly a dozen children's picture books including Our Enduring Spirit (with Barak Obama), Red Kite, Blue Kite (with Ji Li Jiang), A Pirate's Guide to First Grade ( and Recess) (both with James Preller), and his latest from Feiwel & Friends entitled Coming Home. His comics work includes Conan: Born on the Battlefield (with Kurt Busiek), Freaks of the Heartland (with Steve Niles), Sudden Gravity, The Matrix Comics and Goosebumps with R.L. Stine and is currently wrapping up (INDEH with Ethan Hawke). He lives and works in Western Massachusetts. 



"What on earth does this weirdo image have to do with comedy, SXSW, and Texas? (If anything?) When we the artists, get the lucky tap to do one of these posters for a favorite show, we are even more blessed with a free hand to basically come up with anything -- as long as it makes a striking image and includes the jester frog somewhere within. It’s a rare gift to be given that freedom, and I confess I took that long rope and ran wild with it, happily. Frankly though, I always liked the idea of comedy being a function of pain fueled by surprise. There’s a pathos behind what makes something funny, and a shared empathy that enjoins us all to laugh together. I guess an upside down, bisected horse, dipped in paint is how I put that idea into a picture. The frog is their fault, the horse we can blame on Texas, and the rest you can blame on me."
- Ruth