Badges and Other Website Purchases

Badge Purchase Information. In order to access certain products and services available on the Site (e.g., a Badge), you must register with SXSW and provide personal information, including your name, email address, physical address, phone number. This information is necessary for SXSW to complete the purchase, provide the products and/or services to you, and communicate with you about your purchase. If you connect to the Site or sign up for promotions using your Facebook or other third party credentials, you authorize us to collect your authentication information, such as your username, access credentials, and other information that may be available through your Facebook or other third party account, such as your name, profile picture, country, hometown, email address, and/or date of birth.

Badge Registration Terms. All Badge purchasers must agree to the Participation and Credentials Terms and Conditions (“PCTC”) available here, and the RFID Policy, which is available here and included in the PCTC. Please carefully review the PCTC and RFID Policy before proceeding with a purchase.

Badge Usage

  • SXSW scans Badges for RFID at the entrance of official SXSW events to discourage counterfeiting, communicate with you about the Event, and tailor future offerings based on attendance. For example, SXSW may email you asking for feedback based on a panel you attended. RFID does not contain any personal data, however, it contains a unique ID code that may be correlated with your personal data, such as your name, phone number, mailing address and email address. SXSW does not share RFID information with third-parties for their marketing purposes, and SXSW does not track RFID tags after SXSW has ended. For more about the RFID Policy, please visit, and direct questions regarding RFID to rfid at
  • You can also choose to scan your Badge to participate in lead retrieval, which is a program for SXSW official clients to collect information from and to communicate with SXSW badge-holders. If you elect to participate in lead retrieval and have your Badge scanned, you will share your name, email address, phone number, company, title, City, State, and Country with the company scanning your Badge. SXSW may also use this data for aggregate reporting. For more information about lead retrieval, please visit

Your Personal Financial Information. When you purchase a Badge or any other goods or services , SXSW does not process your financial information on the SXSW servers or databases. SXSW does store your billing address information for accounting purposes. Your payment information, such as your name, address, and other financial information (i.e., credit card number, CVV and expiration date), is collected by the third-party payment processor, Chase Orbital (, Spreedly (, PayPal (, 2CP/TPRO (customer invoice) or Shopify ( The third-party payment processors tokenize your payment information and send the token back to SXSW to complete the payment process.   Please review the relevant third-party agreement (Chase Orbital, Spreedly, PayPal, 2CP/TPRO or Shopify) and agree to  their Privacy Policy before your purchase from SXSW or before providing your personal information.